About CIS

Welcome to Credence International School

We are an International school with  theme based teaching technique have been utilised to imbibe in our students the articulate way of gaining knowledge. Our teaching methodology revolves around helping your child discover their potential to excel not only in academics but also in all other areas of creativity and culture.

Nurturing Excellence – The Credence International Differentiator

Welcome to Credence International School Circle of Excellence. At CIS , we discover and nurture each child’s natural talents and intelligence to help them achieve their full potential, through our  6  unique pillars of schooling.

The school follows a curriculum that aims at helping your child develop their dominant learning  modality using Dr Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory and  Bloom’s taxonomy. The multiple intelligence theory states that each child has their own unique way of grasping  information through one, two or even a combination of the following intelligences;

Public Speaking


Computer Programming


Dance & Theatre

Field Trip

By tapping into these dominant intelligences using state of the art technology that includes I-Pad, Theme based learning, Language labs, Computer lab, and accelerated learning techniques – Credence International school is on its way to becoming one of the best CBSE Schools In India.


Our vision is to inspire and enable children to live a more enriching and meaningful life, with broader, bolder, holistic and international standard education.


Credibly in Credence’s mission is to build a constructive system of education that aims at giving a purpose-driven life to a child- a life which is beyond jobs and rote learning and has a larger purpose to make a positive contribution to the society at large.

Who we are?

CIS is an education management company, headquarters in Mumbai. The company specializes turn key school projects in K12 segment. Our key offerings are Consulting in school set up, Curriculum Design and Implementation, Operational Consulting and On-going management of international standard schools.

Our Educational Journey

9 Operational School

10 Committed School

25+ Pipelined School

Best Emerging School Chain of 2018