We are absolutely delighted to be in midst.

Dear parents, a partcularity inspring anecdote, I remember, is about a teacher who once said to his student, “Be the eagle that flies high and makes a mountain seem like a pebbel, than an insect that cralwls to a pebble and sees it as a mountain”. As an educationist today, I fnd in thode words that every essence of teacher – the powerful difference an inspiration mentor can make to open a young mind.

Our slogan. ‘Let’s give wings to the future‘ owes its inspiration to that anecodate.

Schools are not just about timetables, subjects, exams and marks.¬†They are the very crucibles from which a better, new society must evolve. Therefore, learning has to be about being great human beings, not just about being skilled. That really is ‘true merit’, and we must inculcate it in young minds such that we pass, our children are the living examples of our legacy… our ‘sanskaars‘.

Children iare pure innocence, placed in our hands to mould. They trust their parents and teachers with the implicit devotion thatb we know what’s best for them. They know no other way… they can’t. it’s our responsibility to make the best of that trust.

Since a school takes the most time of their precious lives, it is countable for that time. At FFGS, we look at children as tomorrow’s adults who could look back at their alma matter and say, ‘We were fortunate…’


We empower a kid to acquire knowledge through the process of self exploration


We impart knowledge through innovative teaching methodlogies


We empower a child to acquire knowledge through the process of self exploration


FFGS Parent

Every day I see improvements in my daughter. I’m shocked by her progress. Her language and reading is much better, but most importantly, her interactions with other students.

FFGS Parent

“FFGS is an amazing school. My son just started [in 2017] and it already seems like a family. I am so happy we made the decision to bring him here.

FFGS Parent

“My son went to two different schools and missed a lot of days because he didn’t want to go. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. He goes to school and gets his work done. He has improved so much!







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