Our Facilities

A classroom is the symbol of discipline, the only place where you first learn how to respect your teacher and your classmates.
We have modern classrooms, with Wi-Fi & digital media that make learning more interesting and interactive.
Here’s a look at how our CIS Classrooms have been designed to make them more friendly with their books!

“There is no friend as loyal as books”- Earnest Hemingway.

Yes that’s right. We at CIS too believe that apart from the text book knowledge, a student must be able to gather enough information on the subject from outer sources. The school library has a well-stocked range of educational, recreational, fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals for our students to read. It also has 24/7 wi-fi connectivity for access to internet based information any time.


Our buses are equipped with GPS Tracking System and CCTV, along with our trained staff ensure safe, convenient and monitored transportation of students from home to the school and vice-versa.


It’s not only our teaching patterns that includes all the digital aspects of our institution. CIS has used technology beyond education to ensure the safety of it’s students and regularly stay in touch with the parent and students.
We at CIS use GPS tracking services & CCTV cameras in school to avoid any kind of hassle and keep an account of every person entering the premises. To keep parents in the loop of what their children are learning and their progress we have introduced an Internal Portal and our Mobile App which helps them to boost their child’s growth.


“Computer is Future”

Well-designed and separate computer labs for students, run by a well educated and qualified faculty, with one on one computer access, which means there is one computer for every student. ERP software to improve teaching-learning-working at CIS.

Computer Lab

“Science- a game of show and tell”

Yes, that’s right! Think of a student who dosen’t understand what H2SO4 when taught with a pen and paper. How will you teach the child that it is sulphuric acid? We at CIS ensure to provide effective teaching and learning of science.

Science Lab

“Let’s play the game of maths!”

Our school boasts of state of the art for Science, Computer science and Mathematics laboratories to ensure practical understanding of the various principles taught in the classroom.

Math Lab

Beyond Academics

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

We do not want our children to just keep studying and become book worms. Academics are an important and integral part of education and we cannot detach it from the system. Students sometimes get directly or indirectly pressurised due to the competition around them. We want our students to excel in various other aspects like sports, Music, Art, Dance; take part in workshops & cultural activities. To stimulate their growth and and ensure that their brain responds quickly to technical and scientific application, CIS comes up with an innovative concept of providing experential learning kits, conducting workshops and holding sessions on robotics. Our perception is that young minds are constantly active when it comes to convincing others about their ideas, they are actually entrepreneurs hidden in innocence. Many parents often ward off such facts and mistake them as either excuses or some laziness from their kids. But at CIS your child can feel free to execute his/her innovative ideas to practical application by engaging in entreprenurial engagements. We build an environment that would encourage & help students to build confidence to start selling their ideas.. Here’s an inside view of our students crossing boundaries of the classroom, achieveing greater talent and success.