• Almost all parents crave for wealth & abundance for their children.
  • Their strong belief is that admission to a good school would guarantee it.
  • But statistics show that acquiring wealth & abundance in life has very little correlation with one’s school education.
  • Statistics also show that very few ‘A’ graders acquire wealth & abundance.
  • Their success is largely due to some other personality traits and has little correlation to school education.
  • People with wealth & abundance have a different kind of mindset.
  • They think and act in a different way.
  • Our current schooling system does not cater to such a mindset.
  • In fact, it seems oblivious that such a thing even exist!!
  • At MRDA our focus is on nurturing the mindset of a “Compassionate Wealth Creator along with academic excellence.”!!

Ishwari Chavan.

Founder & Principal.

International Licensed Teacher Of ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshops.

Certified Teacher/Counselor For
Teen Empowerment.’


We empower a kid to acquire knowledge through the process of self exploration


We impart knowledge through innovative teaching methodlogies


We empower a child to acquire knowledge through the process of self exploration


Mrs. Swati Lunia

“I am very happy & satisfied with the overall development of my child, Dhwani, grade 4. Even my elder son could do well in his board examination, due to personal attention given to each & every child by the teachers & special mentoring by the chairperson.”

Tarun Gattani, ICSE District Topper. 2014

“I was a boarder at MRDA & loved every bit of my stay there. How can I ever forget our chairperson Isha mam’s words that transformed me inside-out: “ Tarun, you are just an evening away from greatness.” There was no looking back for me then on. I went on to become the best student in academics & sports.”

Mrs. Amita Saboo

“My son Safal was very shy and reserved. But the opportunities provided by MRDA like encouraging students to give project presentations & organizing carnival-like functions by themselves transformed him into a good communicator & has increased his confidence level.”






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Krushak Shiromani Bhimrao
Chavan Nagar, Mantha Bypass,

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